Touch Solution for Smart Education

It is our essential principle that technology should work as an accelerant for students learning on their own initiatives. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teach and learn. 

The application of touch solution into IFP enriches teaching and learning. And due to it, learning and teaching would become relevant, engaging, ongoing, and personal.

It is our vital motivation to design tomorrow’s schools which prepare today’s learners for success far beyond earning a diploma. Therefore, we provide two series of perfect touch product to meet various demands of functions.

※MD Series,for smoother interaction experience 

Based on brand new A8 processor of 1G Hz, MD series gets perfect performance in multiple points of 3mm nib simultaneously writing. And the smoother experience in touch & writing makes it appropriate for the active & lively class.

※FC Series,for quicker response 
Basing brand new algorithm, more intensive infrared grid would be supported. And outstanding performance of small characters can be easily achieved, even with 25% area being blocked.
Relevant cases